Saturday, June 03, 2006

Slaughter Party

What is it with "the little people" lately? First, these guys go on vacation to Ireland and proffer promises of bringing us back dead leprechauns. Then, this other guy has a review about an Irish pro-wrestler and his leprechaun buddy who pops out from under the ring.

But I got them all beat.

Top that.

Last night I had a choice, between watching Slaughter Party and Hostel. I chose poorly, but only because I love all of you so very, very much. Little did I know that when I selected Slaughter Party for last night viewing that Mighty Mike Murga would be spending the next 76 minutes chasing around half naked women with a knife. Thank God for Troma films!

Like the evil monkey on Family Guy, Craig (played by Murga) doesn't start out evil. He's actually a pretty normal guy. He smokes a lot of weed, drinks and apparently likes to watch episodes of Lizzie McGuire... without any pants on.

But when a mad doctor (played by Ford Austin) kills (and eats) his friends and then forces himself upon Craig, well, you get this:

Snake has discovered the "Underwear" Camouflage and face paint.

After that, its all blood, screaming, and necrophilia. And lots of it. Sure there's some sort of plot mixed in there, but don't bother with it. Its full of the classic plot holes, time changes, girl gets really tan half way through the movie, teleporting midget, etc., etc...

But there are a few memorable scenes in this movie. Keep your eyes out for Ron Jeremy who has a fantastic scene. Also, there's a guy played by Seymore Butts (credited as Adam Glasser). So yeah, it looks like when you succeed in the porn industry you wind up in Troma films. Hopefully Jenna Jameson will sign on with them soon.

So if you decide to take it upon yourself to see Slaughter Party, make sure you get yourself good and drunk, otherwise you might remember watching most of this. Of course, if you don't like extreme gore you can always watch something else. Like Hostel.

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