Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bored? Welcome to the epitome of boredom!

Boredom and listlessness. These things have led mankind to some of its worst decisions regarding entertainment in the history of, well... entertainment. Many of us have flipped through the cable channels at some late hour of night and had to pick the least of evils in desperation. Movies that most people wouldn't even consider reading about suddenly become palatable under these dire circumstances.

But what if there was someone who actively sought out these horrible movies? Some masochist with a tight budget, poor taste, and a movie store with a large discount section.

And what if this someone wrote about these movies (and other media)?

In that case you'd have Spored to Death Publishing. A guide to some of the worst films on the planet. Indeed, we here at Spored to Death Publishing will go to great lengths, and at times endure great pain to give you reviews of the worst crap ever produced by man (or woman) in the name of entertainment.

Coming up in the next few posts are reviews of some terrible, and a few OK titles. We here at Spored to Death hope to give you a comprehensive look at what to stay away from at the video store.

And remember, if its not Spored to Death, it hasn't been covered in giant radioactive alien Satanic mold which hopes to spread over the face of the Earth.

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