Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spotlight on Director Gregory Dark

Every once in a while I'll come across something interesting on, and this week it looks like I hit the jackpot with the upcoming movie "See No Evil". But, the movie itself doesn't look terribly impressive compared to the director, Mr. Gregory Dark.

In order to truly appreciate this director, I suggest you click here for a list of his works.

Yes, Mr. Dark has had a long career in the adult film industry, and is the mind behind such great films like "New Wave Hookers parts 1, 2, 3, and 4" and "Hootermaina". Apparently, Mr. Dark also directed the Britney Spears music video "From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart", as well as a music video for the show "Oz".

Now, its pretty much a given that "See No Evil" is going to be a bad movie. The only question in my mind is how bad it will be. Will it be like"House of 1000 Corpses", full of sound and fury ultimately signifing nothing (Note to Rob Zombie: MOVIES NEED PLOTS!) or is it just going to be "Alien 51" bad?

So please join me on May 19th, when "See No Evil" premieres in theaters.

I'll be at home, waiting for it to come out on video.


yarrrgh said...

With a name like "Gregory Dark," you don't need a powerhouse portfolio to sleaze your way into elite backroom Hollywood parties. However, if your full title is "Gregory Dark, Director of White Bunbusters," you don't go to parties at all. Parties just follow you around everywhere, leaving behind puffy white clouds of cocaine dust and hooker perfume.

esuarez said...

Mr. Greg Dark is also the acclaimed director of some music videos from the deftones to Marilyn Manson. That Britney spears title in IMDB had to come from somewhere. I also learned you can find porn titles on IMDB. Yeah!! That's progress.

The worse thing about "See No Evil" may not be the fact that it stars Kane, but the fact the original title was "Eye Scream Man" That pun defiles the reader in so many ways.

On side note, I would like to nominate another horror movie for comedy of the year. "Hostel" was truly a laugh out loud comedic triumph. It should at least gets funniest dvd menu music if you listen to it after the 500th time.

yarrrgh said...

I prefer the original title to "See No Evil." Puns shouldn't be simple (The guys in this movie run a "hostel," and they're "hostile" to tourists), but complex and multi-layered (your local movie theater may or may not employ a man who sells ice cream, and while you're there watching this movie, your eyeballs might let out a shrill scream before mercifully leaping out of your face and blinding you, man).

Spored_to_Death said...

Reminds me of that episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force with the eyeball spiders.

Speaking of which, has anyone heard anything about the Aqua Teen movie?

yarrrgh said...

September 2006 is the word. Keep in mind that the Adult Swim crew enjoy tormenting/insulting/violating their fans, and that the movie may not exist, or might be a 90-minute episode of 12 Oz. Mouse.

No. Nobody's that cruel.

yarrrgh said...
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Spored_to_Death said...

Yes they are... Yes they are.