Friday, September 15, 2006

Head to Head!

As part of my objective to make Spored to Death Publishing more interactive, so I can whip you all into a foaming frenzy, I've decided to make a semi regular debate post. This weeks debate stems from an argument I had with min about who's a better actor: Don Frye, from Godzilla: Final Wars or Hulk Hogan star of, among other things, Santa with Muscles.

Wikipedia entries here for Don Frye and Hulk Hogan, in case you want them.

So who will it be? Frankly I think that Don Frye is the better actor, but I'm probably still traumatized from having seen Hogan wrestle recently. So have at it, and let me know who you think is the superior thespian.

I said "thespian", with a T! Oh, never mind.


Anonymous said...

I'm a big Hogan fan but even i'll admitt that Hogan really can't act. With ofcourse the exception of bit appearences like in "GREMLINS 2 the new batch". Where Hogan has a 30 second speech in which he threatens the gremlins to get them to put the movie back on.

Mycroft Holmes said...

I haven't even SEEN Final Wars and my vote goes to Frye. (However, why would we want to go to wikipedia and read more about these goons?)

Spored_to_Death said...

Because Wikipedia is horrifyingly addictive. I've lost long stretches of time on Wikipedia. Also, its more comprehensive than just posting their imdb profile. In case anyone was bored enough to do research on this.

min said...


Spored_to_Death said...

"*sigh*"?! That's it? No tirade about how much you hate Don Frye?

min said...

i already tiraded about don frye. who has the energy to tirade twice in the same year? plus, you've got my tirade saved somewhere on your site.

seems to me i'm being defeated by people who haven't even seen the sad thing some might call don frye's "acting".