Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Blogger Beta Recent Comments in sidebar

For anyone who wants to know how to put a "recent comments" section in your sidebar, check out the instructions I found here.

Basically you create a page element of the "feed" type with a feed to the comments of your own blog. It sounds incredibly hard, but its super easy. Thanks to the guys over at Hackosphere for this tip.


fnord12 said...

Aren't most of the monster clips in this movie actually recycled from Son of Godzilla?

And aren't that kid's pants waaaay too short?

Spored_to_Death said...

Actually this post is for the "recent comment" section on the blog that I had to fix.

But anyway,

Most of the recycled clips are due to the fact that Eili Tsuburaya was bedridden during most of the movie and Ishiro Honda had to double up as the special effects director.

As for the shorts thing, you might want to ask the costume department at Toho why they felt the need to highlight an 8 year old boy's backside. That one I have no answer for.