Sunday, October 01, 2006

Raging Boll

Aparrantly Uwe Boll had a chance to return some of the blows he's taken from critics in the most literal sense possible. Recently, CNN reported that Boll took on 4 of his critics in a boxing match in Canada.

Furthermore, he beat the crap out of all of them.

While all 4 fights each had a hook, the first bout looks to be the zaniest. According to CNN, Richard Kyanka of reportedly took to the ring and announced to the crowd that Boll was a terrorist and that Canada should be held responsible for harboring him. Less than 3 minutes later, Kyanka was unconscious.

The other bouts were slightly less dramatic, as a 17 year old, a man who thought it was a publicity stunt and a guy who brought some fake blood squared off against Boll.

I'm not sure where I fall on this issue. On one hand, Boll represents the bad movie industry that I've come to love, albeit a bit on the high end (ie, he has an actual budget). On the other, I am a critic. So I don't know if I should be rooting for Boll or eating raw eggs and jogging at 4am.

Its a moot point now, as the fight is already past. The stadium is empty and many Canadians now feel as I feel after paying to watch a WWE pay per view with JBL and the Big Show as the main eveny. Besides, in my opinion, there are other fish that need badly need frying.

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